The FreeBSD Druid(R) is a unified installer platform targeted at the Enterprise FreeBSD market.



How to install FreeBSD:

  1. Go to the downloads section and download the FreeBSD Druid(R) (*.iso file) to another computer (can be Windows, Mac, Linux, or FreeBSD).
  2. Write the ISO file to external media. This can involve burning the ISO file to CD/DVD or instead writing the data directly to a USB flash drive.

    If you are using Windows:

    If you are using Mac OS X:

    If you are using Linux, FreeBSD, or similar UNIX system with at least one of dd(1), growisofs(1), or cdrecord(1):

    Visit the CVS repository for easy-to-use command-line scripts for writing the ISO file to either optical media (CD/DVD) or USB flash drive.

NOTE: If necessary, you can download the ISO tools in the form of a 5.5MB gzip/compressed TAR archive.

  1. Read the FreeBSD_Druid_User_Guide.pdf